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V-Asia Design is setting the standard for unique and stylish architecture in Cambodia. Established in 2013, the company draws on over a decade of architectural experience, both traditional Khmer and European design concepts.

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Interior Design

Interior Design

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Exterior Design

Exterior Design


Our Reputation

The Team at V-Asia design have been trusted with some of the most complex and important design projects in Cambodia. It’s no surprise that more and more people are becoming inspired by the amazing masterpieces and seeking the services of these talented design architects.

Our unique Concepts

The architects at V-Asia Design strive to create one of a kind designs using both international and traditional concepts.

Our Approach to Business

We find great satisfaction is seeing our customer’s business grow and exceed expectations. Our designs are based around both beautiful design and long term successful outcomes.

Our love of Cambodian Heritage

While the architects at V-Asia Design love creating fresh contemporary and modern European styled products, it’s the fusion of traditional khmer elements that have people coming back for more.

We are passionate about great architecture and all things sustainable.


Design can change the world. Exploring our clients goals, priorities, lifestyle and tastes.

Our Activity

August 19, 2017

We like To Sharing Together

V.asia Designបាននាំយកអំណោយចែកជូនក្មួយស្រីទាំងបីនៅភូមិស្វាយ ឃុំសរស្ដម្ភ ស្រុកពួក ខេត្តសៀមរាប

August 13, 2017

Cycling For Cambodia

We Work Together, We Join Events Together, We Share Together, We Live Together With Peace And Love.

March 28, 2017

V.asia Design Trip To Kompungsom-Koh Rong

V.asia Design Family Trip! Free style in front of modern architecture during France colonial.

Jaya House River Park Siem Reap

Jaya House is a one of a kind design, based on Kos Ke Temple and located along the river in Siem Reap. Following a natural theme, the hotel is landscaped with many trees yet the building is exquisitely and delicately decorated offering everything luxury.

Temple Coffee, Bakery And Pool Sky Lounge

One of the most popular drinking and dining venues, Temple Coffee & Bakery was designed by V-Asia Design. This stunning and unique restaurant & bar showcases the 1960’s era with ultra-cool fittings such as rustic bicycles...

Borei Angkor Room Renovation


Solitaire Damnak Villa Hotel

Solitair Damnak Boutique Hotel is tucked away behind the famous Wat Damnak. This project was complex due to the extremely limited space available. Due to V-Asia Design’s amazing skills, they were able to create an intimate 10 room Boutique on a 8m x 23m narrow block...

Golden Temple Retreat

Golden Temple Retreat was designed to follow the idea of a Royal Palace with the indulgence and royalty of an ancient king’s palatial home, but with modern luxury built in to make an entirely unique design...

V-design, Flourishing Boutique and Spa

Flourishing Boutique & Spa

Tucked away along a village street in Siem Reap, Flourishing Boutique has had every detail considered to ensure guests have ultimate relaxation and their every need catered to. The design focuses heavily on natural surroundings...

V-design, Golden Temple Residance

Golden Temple Residence

V-Asia Design were responsible for the renovation of an existing building to become Golden Temple Residence. Located in the popular Sok San Road district of Siem Reap, the structure is reminiscent of ancient temples...

V-design, Golden Temple Residance

Sokkhak Boutique Resort

Sokkhak Boutique Hotel began as a small abandoned house in the grounds of newly constructed private home that the owners wanted to sell for a tiny $1500. Noticing the potential in this little gem, team at V-Asia Design embarked on a specialized renovation project to transform something forgotten into a delightful Boutique Hotel...

Chronicle Residence & Spa

Chronicle Residence & Spa was a brand new project assigned to the V-Asia Design team. This ultra- modern hotel, located midway between the airport and city centre has 22 individually designed rooms, with a stunning designed open air lobby and lounge area. The architecturally designed poolside has its own bar area, and all rooms were created to take in the spectacular pool view...

Apsara Residence

Apsara residence follows a modern concept of architectural design. This new construction was designed so that the guest’s rooms can take in the view from both the pool and the river with an emphasis on nature and greenery

REAL Spa Cambodia

Real Spa is a new design located in the ever popular Soksan Street of Siem Reap. Its appearance from the first glance is that of ultimate luxury and indulgence. Smooth flowing features are incorporated throughout the premises deliberately void of all corners and sharpness. Feminine in design with ultra- modern fittings, this heavenly abode sets the new standard for pampering in Cambodia.

Chanrey Tree – Khmer Cuisine

Abandoned for more than a decade, a traditional Khmer wooden house was selected for an amazing transformation project. Rented by a local Khmer with a vision, no one wanted to take on this design project deeming it impossible

Metta Residence & Spa

Metta Residence and Spa is due for completion in March. Unlike anything seen before in the region, Metta Residence is an eye catching 1960’s design

Lotus Blanc Hotel & Resort